Leonard Iacono Jr.


Leonard Iacono Jr. was born in the small state of Delaware. At the age of 16, a local company recruited him to be a runway model. Though after 2 years of modeling and finishing up high school, he soon found himself moving to Florida for college.

After graduating from college, Leonard jumped back into the world of modeling and soon after, acting. He acted is various student and independent films as well as modeled for shoots and shows in Florida.

Leonard soon made the decision to move to Vancouver, BC to further his career. After his move to Canada, he added singing and voice acting to his craft, making him a triple threat. 

Highly driven and dedicated to his craft, he does whatever it takes to hone his skills and talents. Leonard has taken on various different roles throughout his career, making him the diverse and well-rounded entertainer that he is today.

 Leonard is both a Canadian permanent resident and US citizen, allowing him to work legally in both countries.

 ~“Those With Wings, Fly Towards Your Dreams” ~

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