Height: 5’7”            Weight:  150            Hair:  Brown            Eyes: Hazel

FILM: (Partial List)
Layla                                                                         Lead                                                                         Tanya Lisle
11 Minutes                                                                Lead                                                               Roman Bamburin
Mama’s Boys                                                            Lead                                                       Pennyflix Productions
Career Assessment                                                 Lead                                                                 Spectrum Films
Martial Art Documentary                                          Lead                                                                             Full Sail
Batduplex Forever                                                  Co-Lead                                                         Richard Decastro
Swallowed Whole                                                   Supporting                                                      Jessica K. Bruhn
It Came From Beyond                                            Supporting                                   Bfilmakerinternational studios
Dead Red Rose                                                      Supporting                                         J. Rob Brown Production
UNF Recruitment Film                                            Supporting                                                           Frank Goodin
Vicissitude                                                               Supporting                                  Corey Beauregard & Kyle Go

TELEVISION: (Partial List)
Breakfast Television                                                Myself                                                                               Citytv
Brazilian Soap: Ways of the Heart                          Waiter                                                                      Record Net

COMMERCIAL: (Partial List)
Fox Sports World Canada                                       Lead                                                            Firefly Productions
Whipped Treats                                                       Supporting                                                  3F:1M Productions

Christmas Pop                                                         Actor                                                            James Production
A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream                                Theseus                                                           Sanford School

City Of London Documentary                                  Narrative                                                          Michael Garnett 
Taken from Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story                 WALLA                                                           Pinewood Sound
Mrs. Miracle 2                                                           WALLA                                                          Pinewood Sound  
Shadow’s Call                                                           Jason                                                         Imba Entertainment

TRAINING: (Partial List)
The Audition Room lv. II                                          Michael Coleman                              VAS at Shoreline Studios
Triple Threat Training(act, dance, sing, yoga)        Various Instructors                              Blue Egg Entertainment
On Camera Scene Study                                         Andrew Mcllroy                                  Second Avenue Studios
Audition Technique                                                  Linda Darlow                                                     Schoolcreative
Commercial Workshop                                            Linda Darlow                                                     Schoolcreative
Dialect Training                                                        Tony Alcantar                                                  Improv-Chicago
The Audition Voice Over Studio (ongoing)               Adrian Petriw                                    Vancouver Acting School
Video Game Voice-Over Workshop                           Ben Brown                                              On The Mic Training
Voice-Over Intensive                             Adrian Petriw & Michael Adamthwaite                Vancouver Acting School
Voice Over Workshop                                       Pam Jones and Bill Lawrie                             Soundswrite Studios
Improvisation                                                            Alan Marriot                                               Studio on the Drive
Comedy Improvisation                                              Veena Sood                                              Studio on the Drive
Acting and Auditioning for Adults                              Carole Tarlington                                 Tarlington Training Inc.
Scene Study                                            David Richmond-Peck @ Kelly-Ruth Mercier                   Schoolcreative
Commercial Workshop                                              Pamela Wise                                            Studio on the Drive
Intro. To Film and TV I & II                                        Chilton Crane                                         William Davis Centre
Scene Study                                                              Michael Rogers                                     William Davis Centre
Commercial Workshop                                             Julie Howgate                                         William Davis Centre
Introduction to Acting                                                Julie Howgate                                        William Davis Centre
Meisner Method                                                        Natasha Nadir                                        William Davis Centre
Intro. To Voice Over                                                  Robin Douglas                                        William Davis Centre
Theatrical/Swordplay&Unarmed Combat                 F. Braun McAsh                                            Academie Duello
Singing                                                                      Sandi Siemens                                           Private Instruction
Singing                                                                      Gina Oh                                                      Private Instruction
The Performer’s Mastery                         Linda Darlow, Henry Mah, Rob Bruner              The Mastery Workshops
The Performer’s Mastery Review           Larry Guilman, Henry Mah, Rob Bruner             The Mastery Workshops

Singing (bass, baritone), Dialects (American, Southern, NY, Boston), Voices (narrative, commercial, animation, cartoon), Dance (basic contemporary), Mascot performing, Graphic Design, Billiards, Table Tennis, Lawn Bowling, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Ice Skating, Roller skating, Skimboarding, Snow Skiing, Bowling, Martial Arts, Modeling, Working out, Basic Weaponry (katana, Bo, long sword, knife), Drivers License, Valid Passport, US Citizen/Canadian Permanent Resident
Direct Contact:
Leonard Iacono Jr.


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